How can I open an Emoney bank account?

If you have purchased a partner package such as basic, Sapphire, Platinum, Diamond, Silver or Gold, you have one Emoney /Wonderland MasterCard with bank account.
In this case you need to go to login; click at activate voucher. Two columns will display: click at the one with the voucher logo. After you have redeemed your voucher go to the taskbar on the top of the page and click at profile, upload the requested documents and set up an appointment through our calendar, where dates and times availabilities will be displayed.
. . .
If you have purchased a voucher and want to add the Emoney bank account to your Emoney MasterCard, you need to go to , log in; click at activate voucher. Two columns will display: click at the one with the Emoney logo. You need to purchase the account at the cost of € 51(to be paid the first year for the activation only). In fact from the second year on you will pay the cost of the MasterCard at € 99

Can I open a business account for my Company?

You can open a Business Account headed to a European Company. There is a one-time cost of € 250,00 Including Emoney Account and MasterCard Wonderland Card
The documentation required is:
- Company business profile
- Passport or id of the administrator and of the company shareholders, if existing
- Proof of address of the Company and of the administrator

How do I access to my statements(€urocredit, Commissions Wonderland Card, Multibuyworld, Emergency card)?

Go to log in with your email and pin. You will be redirected to the dashboard of . where you can see in details your €urocredit, your Emoney/Wonderland MasterCard, your Multibuyworld and your Emergency card details, if implemented.
For this reason, Multibuy likes to define the as the main generic website because it includes all the Multibuy products and services

Where can I find my Emoney ID?

It is written in the welcome email, that you receive from Emoney bank directly

What is the Emergency Card?

It is a card that contains all your medical history and in case of emergency can help the doctors to have information about your medical condition quickly. You can activate it at by entering the ICE Code

Where can I find my voucher?

After the purchase of your Emoney MasterCard or a partner package (Basic, Sapphire, Platinum, Diamond, Silver or Gold) you will receive an email with the voucher code.
You need then to log in or register if you have not yet registered.
After your voucher has been redeemed you will see on that the status of your voucher has changed: from “activate your voucher“ to “voucher is active”
In case you bought a partner package, you have a specific number of vouchers.
Go to, login and you will be in your Wonderland dashboard.
Click on voucher list to see all your vouchers. The vouchers can be given to friends, family or whoever you want. Each voucher represents an Emoney/Wonderland MasterCard

Where can I buy Wonderland Card products?

You can buy Wonderland products and Emoney bank account at

How can I order my Emoney/Wonderland MasterCard?

If you want to order a Emoney/ Wonderland MasterCard you need to redeem your voucher first.
Go to the site Click "GO" on the box . and select "buy" or "redeem your voucher". Then log-in or register if you have not yet registered.
You can also go directly to the website .
You will receive the Emoney MasterCard, which will be replaced by our new Wonderland MasterCard as soon as the new cards become available

What is the saldo of my Emoney/Wonderland MasterCard?

The Emoney/Wonderland MasterCard has a saldo equal to € 50.000. Once you have reached this amount you will receive a message in your online banking recommending you to open a new Card.

What should I do if I cannot access my Emoney bank account?

Please send an email to writing your 5 digits Emoney ID

If I need support regarding my Emoney/ Wonderland MasterCard or partner packages who shall I contact?

You need to send an email to
Please remember always to write your Multibuyworld ID number and your email address

How many Emoney/Wonderland MasterCard can I have?

You can have one card and, if needed, you can request a second card. To request your second card you need to open a ticket from your online banking


How much does the Wonderland Card cost?

The share to buy the Wonderland Card is:
€ 99,90 one-time;
The annual renewal is € 99,00

Can I also have the Bank account?

Yes, you can add the E-Moneny account at the price of € 51,00

How long does it take to receive my Card?

The shipment takes between 1 and 5 working days within EU

How do I order the Wonderland Card?

Ordering the Wonderland Card is simple:

  • You can order your Mastercard visit the site . . you can log in or register if not already our customer
  • You can either click on "Buy Card" or "Redeem Voucher" You will receive Em@ney/MasterCard which will later be replaced by the new Wonderland Mastercard
Which documents do I need to provide in order to request the Emoney/Wonderland MasterCard and to open the Emoney bank account?

Either a copy of your passport or your ID (a driving license is not a valid document) and a proof of address, such as utility bill or bank statement.
**The documents must not be older than XNUMX months


Can I use my Wonderland Card all over the world?

Yes, you can use your MasterCard in all countries of the world, excluding Cuba.

Can I receive my payout on the Wonderland Card?


Which operations can be done If I have the Emoney/ Wonderland MasterCard only?

If you have the Emoney/ Wonderland MasterCard only you can receive commissions, use the card all over the world where MasterCard is accepted and withdraw cash from ATMs

What are the advantages of having a Wonderland Card?

In addition to having a registered credit card, you have the ability to receive the payout quickly, the transfer of money is in fact immediate. You can also receive Cashback in multi-buy partner stores in 2 ways:
1. Get € urocredit
2. The company will give you a percentage back!
If you have recommended the card to other people, you will receive CashBack when you purchase a product in one of the 30.000.000 stores around the world.

I paid by bank transfer and I didn’t receive my voucher and credentials yet

In order to activate the Emoney/Wonderland MasterCard the Company needs to receive your transfer first. Please send a copy of your wire confirmation to to accelerate the activation process

If I purchase my Emoney/Wonderland MasterCard with credit, debit, prepaid Card or Bitcoin will my voucher be sent automatically?

Yes. Sometimes though there are delays linked to our payment processors between 12 and 24 hours

What type of bank transfer should I request?

You can request a SEPA transfer when your bank account is located in European Union.
When you are doing a bank wire it is very important to include the swift code and the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) that must be preceded by the ISO 3166 A2 country code
for example:
Italy IT
France FR
Poland PL
Denmark DK
Only if you have an Emoney account added to your MasterCard you can do SEPA wires.
If your bank account is located in any non-European Union, you need to select international transfer. It is very important to specify the country where your bank account is located

Will I receive communications from the Emoney bank?

Yes, you will receive communications via message into your online banking. Plus will receive SMSs to get security codes. In case you cannot receive SMS please contact your phone provider

Can I buy the Emoney/ Wonderland MasterCard without having an Emoney bank account?


Which operations can be done if I have the Emoney/ Wonderland MasterCard and the Emoney Account?

You can do bank wires, receive wages: it’s a normal online bank account

Does the Emoney/Wonderland MasterCard have an annual cost?

Yes, 99.00 € per year.
There are also costs for the card usage. You can find these details on the contract you signed during the card activation process and inside the card package

How can I pay for my Emoney/Wonderland MasterCard?

Either by bank transfer, credit, debit, prepaid cards or Bitcoins.
If you decide to pay by bank transfer make sure you do the transfer following exactly the bank details which you’ll receive via email.

After I sent the proof of payment will I receive my voucher to order the Emoney/Wonderland MasterCard?

No, after sending the copy of your bank wire, the administration has to wait for the bank to confirm the transaction.
Once the money hits our account, your voucher will be sent to you via email

I requested a payout to receive my commissions. Does it have a fee?

Yes, it does. The cost depends on which kind of payment method you choose, either a SEPA transfer or an extra SEPA transfer. If you use the Emoney/Wonderland MasterCard the cost is going to be minimized

Is it important to include the reason for payment in my bank transfer details?

Yes, it is very important in order to trace your transfer. Always remember to write in the payment description following:
Emoney ID + Transaction ID


If you have bought a partner package that contains a certain number of Vouchers

Head to click on . log in and you'll be redirected to the Dashboard. You can click "Voucher list" to see all the Voucher.
Vouchers can be shared with friends, relatives or anyone you want.
Each Voucher represents a MasterCard.

Where do I see my Royalties?

On the Just login, go to the central column with the Wonderland Card logo and under issued cards you will see a counter of the sold cards.
Go to card royalties, click at statement and you will see your Sales commissions and the Royalties commissions:
• Initial cards you see how many cards have been sold before you activated your card/ since the sales of the cards started.
• Total cards you see how many cards have been sold till now.
• Royalty cards you see on how many cards you are earning the royalties (it is the difference between the cards sold in total and the cards sold before the customer purchased one of the partner packages)

What are €urocredits?

€urocredits are a virtual value given after the purchase of a product.
You get always 100% of your purchases in €urocredits

How do I get my benefits included in the partner packages?

If you have purchased one of the partner packages you will receive all the information regarding the usage of your benefits at home by courier

When do I start to receive Royalties?

You will start to receive royalties after your partner package is activated.
The royalties are earned on every card sold worldwide for the next 5 years.
According to the purchased partner package, you will receive between 3 and 20 cents on each Emoney/Wonderland MasterCard sold in the world.

How much I earn by selling an Emoney/ Wonderland MasterCard or a partner package?

By the sales of a voucher (card only) the sales person earns 18 €
By the sales of a voucher (card) + Emoney account the sales person earns 25 €
By the sales of a partner package the sales person will find inside his/her reserved area the details of his/her earning on

How do I see my €urocredits?

Go to where you can access using the same log-in details from the Multibuy portal. Login and click on €urocredit statement.